What You Need To Know About Mortons Neuroma Surgery

Problems with your feet can have a negative effect on your entire life. Foot problems make it harder to get around and do the things you need to do and they have a huge impact on your quality of life. If you experience a lot of pain when you are walking you are not going to want to be active and this means that you could start gaining weight or that you could start becoming unhealthy in other ways. If you are dealing with Morton’s neuroma you might might be thinking about having Mortons neuroma surgery but there are other ways to combat your neuroma so you can walk without pain again.

If you want to avoid surgery you need to visit The Center For Morton’s Neuroma. They specialize in non-surgical procedures that can cure your neuroma and top your pain. They only use surgery as a last resort and they will try other things first so you reduce your chances of needing surgery. Surgery takes a long time to recover from and there are always risks that come when you have surgery. It is important that you try natural methods first and then move on surgery if the natural methods don’t work.

Morton’s neuroma is fairly common. If you have it you feel like something is stuck in your shoe. You feel like you are walking on a rock and that feeling is painful. Morton’s neuroma can often get worse and it can become difficult to put any weight on your foot. You might be more at risk for getting neuroma if you wear tight shoes because the shoes put a lot of pressure on your feet. Being overweight can also be a contributing factor towards getting neuroma.

Morton’s neuroma happens when your foot gets irritated and excess pressure is placed on your nerve. When the nerve gets irritated and inflamed you start to feel pain. The more pressure that you have on the nerve, the more pain you experience. The pain can get pretty intense and you might not be able to walk on the foot if the pain gets too bad. You need to wear shoes that are not tight and you want to lose weight if you are overweight. It is also important to avoid activities that squeeze your feet too much.

When you make an appointment at The Center For Morton’s Neuroma you are going to get a full exam of your feet. The doctor is going to assess your condition and devise a non-surgical plan to help you get your feet back to normal. You usually start off wearing an orthotic device that is designed to reduce the pressure that your feet are placing on the nerve.

You might also need to start doing exercises that can help your feet. It is also important that you try to lose weight and wear comfortable shoes. If the pain doesn’t go away you might need to have steroid injections in your feet. Mortons neuroma surgery is always a last resort.